interior remodeling

Here are a few of the many services we offer:

Bathroom remodeling - You might consider remodeling your bathroom if you find the fixtures outdated or operating inefficiently. New toilets, showers and sinks are designed to save water. Or perhaps you would just like a larger bathroom; if there is space in an adjoining room, we can take advantage of that to give you additional space in the bathroom. There are many options available for bathroom upgrades and we are happy to go over these with you.

Kitchen remodeling - Remodeling the kitchen is always an exciting project. For many families, the kitchen is a hub of activity for the household. This activity becomes much more pleasant when there is more room to move around without bumping into each other. Again, this would depend on the space available in an adjacent room (or moving an outside wall further out). With new appliances, cabinets and new countertops, the kitchen is suddenly a fun place to be!

Room additions - Adding a new room on to the house can make your house almost seem like a new home, but without the expense or hassle of moving. The added room could be a bedroom for one of the kids, a spare room for guests, a family/game room, or a home office. You could even add a sunroom for a place to go for quiet relaxation. A room addition is much less expensive than purchasing a larger home, and it also adds value to your home.

New cabinets - Upgrading the cabinets can be part of a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, or it can be just a project by itself. New cabinets add a great new dimension and feel to the kitchen, bathroom or office.

Flooring - A new floor is a wonderful way to add class and elegance to a room. The type of flooring is based on the use of the room and some other factors. We can install hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, or even bamboo (ask us about this - it's beautiful). You might also consider having heated flooring put in - it's a luxury that everyone loves.

Interior trim work - To some homeowners, the trim work may seem like a minor addition to a room. But in reality, it is the trim that can really make a room more interesting. The trim adds that touch of elegance that makes a difference. We do professional door and window trim, wainscot, crown moulding and chair rail. We can explain each of these and show samples when we come out to visit with you.

Check out some of our projects below. You can also visit Gallery for more great before and after images.

Here is perfect example of kitchen remodel